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I remember being fascinated with cameras as a kid.  The 110 format film was a staple in my house along with the original Polaroid instant camera.  My grandfather, an avid photographer, had a plethora of cameras and lenses which were, at the time, the latest a greatest which companies like Canon had to offer.  I recall driving through Death Valley as a kid and snapping pictures with his camera.  There was no film in it, I just loved the feel of manually focusing the lens on distant mountains and pressing the shutter.

Now, I am based in Idaho Falls, Idaho and explore the world around me equipped with a Nikon DSLR, an assortment of lenses, and a 4K drone.  And although photography has advanced by leaps and bounds, I still getting a thrill as I focus the lens and depress the shutter.

Currently, I photograph subjects which inspire me, like the rugged landscapes of the West, including Alaska and Hawaii, and the people and wildlife which call it home.  I am always striving to push my limits as I explore nightscape photography and employ the use of my drone.  

Let's collaborate.

Jason Hales, Owner

My goal is to create content which educates, motivates and inspires.

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